Terms of Use

Terms of Use

General Restrictions

This website is managed and operated by Chiyoda Singapore (Pte.) CSL Limited solely for the convenience of users. Users may access this website at their own risk and exclusively for purposes that do not involve profit-making activities. Only users who agree to the following terms may access this website. These terms of use may be modified at any time as required without prior notice. Furthermore, in the event that other websites linked to this website are accessed, only users who agreed to the terms of use of those web sites are permitted to be accessed to them as well.


Copyrights to the contents of this website are owned by CSL or the third parties that allow CSL to use their copyrighted works. Copying, revising, altering, editing, adapting, translating, distributing, performing, displaying or uses of any of the contents of the website without CSL's prior written permission are prohibited.

Personal Information

  1. Items of information commonly known as "cookies" may be sent to the computers of users solely for the purpose of tracking activities on this website. No personal information will be obtained unless a user voluntarily provides such information. Users have the option of setting their browsers to block the cookies.
  2. CSL may ask for personal information by filling out questionnaires, application forms and/or performing other procedures. Personal information received will be used solely for purposes that are described in such questionnaires, application forms and/or other procedures. CSL and its outsourcing partners employed by CSL manage such personal information.
  3. Irrespective of items 1. and 2. above, personal information and access logs may be disclosed without permission of such users in cases where such action is legally mandated; where a request is received from a public authority; where disclosure is required to protect the interests, assets and safety of CSL, its directors, its employees, or CSL's clients.


  1. CSL makes no warranty whatsoever regarding the contents of its website or of linked websites. CSL assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses caused by actions taken that result from mistaken judgments based on the contents of this website.
  2. CSL assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses caused by revisions to the content of this website or by the interruption or termination of the operation of this website.
  3. CSL manages the contents of its website. However, CSL assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses caused by erroneous information on this website, alterations to information by third parties, downloads or other events.
  4. Information on this website may include forecasts and other forward-looking statements. Such statements may be revised from time to time in accordance with changes in various items. Even in cases where such revisions are made, CSL assumes no obligation to revise the contents of its website.

User Proposals and Enquiries

  1. CSL assumes no obligation to protect the confidentiality of proposals received from users or to examine, evaluate or adopt such proposals.
  2. Even in cases where CSL adopts all or part of a proposal received from a user, CSL will not pay any compensation to the user for that proposal.
  3. CSL will make a sincere effort to respond to proposals and enquiries submitted by users. However, users should understand that CSL may not be able to respond to all proposals and enquiries in some cases.
  4. Copyrights to CSL's replies to users regarding their proposals and enquiries by e-mail or other means are owned by CSL. Users are prohibited from reusing the said replies in part or whole without obtaining the prior written permission of CSL.


  1. Other websites linked to or from this website are not managed by CSL.
  2. Persons wishing to establish a link to this website should notify CSL of their intention in advance.
  3. All links to this website are to be made to the top page in the name of "Chiyoda Singapore (Pte.) Limited."
  4. In cases where a linked website is judged to be unsuitable by CSL, CSL may order that the link be terminated.
  5. CSL assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses resulting from a link to this website.

Prohibited Activities

Users are prohibited from undertaking any activities that may cause losses or damages to third parties and/or CSL, activities that are harmful to the reputation or trustworthiness of third parties and/or CSL, or any other activities CSL regards as improper.

Legal Jurisdiction

  1. The utilization of this website and the interpretation and application of the terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Singapore.
  2. All disputes involving this website, not amicably settled, shall be submitted initially to the Singapore Court for judgment, unless a different method is specified.
Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved. | Website Designed By Elves Lab
Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved.
Website Designed By Elves Lab
Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved. | Website Designed By Elves Lab
Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved.
Website Designed By Elves Lab