Commissioning is performed before commercial operation and after mechanical completion of the plant. It aims to ascertain and verify that all constructed plant equipment and facility will operate in accordance with the design and project specifications. We believe that delivering successful commissioning is a critical part to our business; it leads to smooth and uninterrupted plant start-up and delivers value to our customers at the final stage of every project.

To ensure successful commissioning, dedicated resources are assigned in the early phases of projects to develop a sound and feasible commissioning plan. Taking both project and plant objectives into consideration as early as possible allows for engineering design with commissioning and operation in mind.

We introduce and apply Uninterrupted Start-up Programs which are established based on the concept of quality control to ensure the integrity and quality of our procured and constructed facility. Through incorporating lessons learnt in design, procurement, construction and commissioning, we developed a reliable process and deep knowledge for trouble-shooting during commissioning and start-up.

Working together with our customers, we have achieved smooth commissioning and uninterrupted start-up in many projects, breathing new life into many plants.

There are various styles of relationship to commissioning depend on contract scheme of each project. Chiyoda assign dedicated person in charge from initial stage of the project to make a seamless planning. Recently lots of projects in Chiyoda apply Uninterrupted Startup program, which was established based on new concept of quality control program including lesson’s learnt through design, procurement, construction and commissioning. Especially newly developed process, deep knowledge and analysis skill are required for the trouble shooting during commissioning and start-up, and Chiyoda is reliable Company to execute such activities in timely manner. Since commissioning is also timing of training of customer operators, there is high emotion when plant start up successfully with all related parties.
  • Commissioning Planning
  • Drawing up commissioning planning by specialists who are familiar with both design and operation.
  • Uninterrupted Startup Program
  • Executing seamless plant start-up with Chiyoda’s know-how and technologies over the years.
  • Chiyoda’s Technologies on Commissioning
  • Engineers also attend to commissioning in Chiyoda. It make possible to settle the problem flexibility which occurs at each phases during commissioning thorough knowledge of engineering.
  • Breathing a new life into plant
  • Highlight scene throughout the EPC execution. Plant will be completed with everyone’s emotion.
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Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved.
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Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved. | Website Designed By Elves Lab
Copyright © 2016 Chiyoda. All Rights Reserved.
Website Designed By Elves Lab